• Compassion & Insight: Helping People Achieve and Sustain a Healthy, Well Balanced Lifestyle and State of Mind.

    *Clinical Mental Health - Forensic Counseling *Community Relations * Disaster Mental Health *Healthcare Advocacy *Mental Health and Physical Health Coaching *Service to the Armed Forces


  • Efforts: Behavioral Health, Primary Health, Human Services

    XAS is dedicated to the comprehensive education of individuals and families who are interested in a balanced approach to overall mental health and physical health. XAS brings together the use of clinical counseling and modern coaching services techniques with a passionate core belief that the mind and body work together. XAS follows a progressive, innovative path to integrate health by integrating behavioral and primary health care.Xiomara A. Sosa's BLOGXiomara embraces both mental health and physical health as the key component to achieving and sustaining optimal health.

  • Social Change Campaign! XAS Advocacy Network Series (ANS)

    The XAS Advocacy Network Series (ANS) is a multi-level platform, culturally competent social change advocacy campaign for diverse communities launched by XAS through Get-Right! and You Are Strong! in partnership with prominent social media and coalition partners. Through these partnerships ANS helps shed light on issues affecting diverse communities through a series of articles about these community members’ needs, resources, spotlights, interviews and critical legislative, government, and military initiatives.

    XAS Advocacy Network Series (ANS)ANS

Counseling, Community Relations, Disaster Mental Health, Healthcare Advocacy, Coaching, Service to the Armed Forces

What XAS Does: Prevention, Intervention, Treatment